Residential Solar

Every house roof is different and every household has different requirements when it comes to energy consumption and usage. Care must be taken at the initial planning stage to design around these requirements.

We are able to offer the Victorian Government Solar Homes rebate (currently $1,400 with a further $1,400 as an optional interest free loan), meaning your new system could be cheaper than ever before.

Commercial Solar

Commercial premises usually have very different solar requirements when compared to residential. They are generally larger and use a lot more power. In general, commercial solar is aimed around 30-100kW systems, but can go far larger.

Battery storage

Batteries allow excess power created during the day to be stored and used once your solar system has stopped producing enough to power your home or business, or they can be programmed to charge when electricity prices are cheaper.

They can also continue to power your house during a blackout, meaning when the rest of your street is in darkness, you can keep watching TV with your lights on.

Solar pre-wire for new homes or renovations

Getting your new home pre-wired for solar in the future is a great idea. It allows the cable runs from the roof to the inverter, and from the inverter to the switchboard to be concealed in the walls using very heavy duty steel conduit. Doing this allows the final installation to look neater, with no exposed conduit. We can also provide a design for the layout of the panels on the roof, and work with other trades to try and avoid other services on the roof (such as air vents, plumbing pipes etc) to maximise the system design and aesthetic of your new roof.

Solar service and maintenance

If you have an issue with your existing solar PV system, we can quickly diagnose and repair meaning you can get back to producing your own power as quickly as possible.

We work with all major inverter brands and are Fronius Solutions Partners, meaning we have fast access to spare parts and support for the entire Fronius range.