Designed and installed with quality and care in mind.

Deciding to get solar installed on your home can be a big decision. The system should be designed and installed to last up to 25 years on your roof, withstanding the cycles of scorching hot summers and freezing cold winters.


Every system we install is done with that in mind. We use good quality, reputable brands not only for the main components like the inverter and solar panels, but also for the other materials like cable, fixings and conduit. We use Clenergy brand racking which has a great reputation and certifies it’s product range for use on almost any type of installation you can imagine.


We spend the time to work out exactly what size system would suit your roof space, energy consumption and budget. We work with all of Victoria’s electricity distributors, and understand they all have different requirements when it comes to system sizes and export limits.

Being a small company, we don’t rush the job through, and spend the time to design and install each system to optimise performance and ensure your system keeps working as specified for years to come.

After sales support

Your installation comes with a complete 5 year warranty against any and all issues.

While you will also receive a comprehensive system operation manual that contains all the information you will need to keep your system producing as much power as possible, if for any reason you need to contact us for after sales help, we are only a call away. No call centres or sales managers, just the people who were directly involved in the installation.