Past installations

A 17.5kW array connected to a 15kW Fronius inverter. As the roof space on this shop was limited, we maxed out the room we had and utilised Tigo DC optimisers on every panel, so that in the winter months where there will be shade on some panels, the majority of the system can continue generating power.
A 30kW system on a house
All 3 roof spaces are used to fit a large system on this terracotta roof.
Multiple Fronius inverters are connected to a Selectronic SP Pro hybrid inverter, along with a backup generator. While this system is still connected to the grid, in the event of a blackout this house is capable of running by itself indefinetly.
A 15kW inverter with close to 20kW of panels on this double story house.
All panels facing north on a south facing shed roof, allowing for maximum production
A 30kW system installed on an office building
A west facing system made of Canadian Solar panels with black frames. Using black clamps and isolator covers allow all the mounting hardware to blend in perfectly with any black framed panels, and creates a sleek finish.

Every installation is unique, and each install is done with the care, pride and attention to detail it deserves.